Bambu Gönüllü Eğitim Platformu


beıng a volunteer AT BAMBU

Our goal is to act with the concepts of quality education and equal opportunity, to offer programs that will primarily support the curriculum education and personal development of students aged 4-18, and to increase equality of opportunity in education with the principle of lifelong learning for all. 

After the written application, you have made to the programs we open for applications at the beginning and later of the semester to be a volunteer at Bambu, is evaluated positively, an online interview is conducted. Our volunteers, who are included in the Bambu Volunteer Network, are informed about communication with children, digital volunteering, online and distance education processes through the orientation program they are included before starting the education period. During the training period, each volunteer will have a responsible coordinator. The responsible volunteer assigned from the coordination team will deal with the issues that need support.
How to volunteer?
Bambu Volunteer Training Platform has three main programs where we meet with volunteers throughout the semester: One-on-One Trainings Workshops Psychological Support Program In one-on-one trainings, it is aimed to take a role in the personal development of the student by mentoring, while helping the lessons within the scope of the curriculum by giving one lesson a week with the student with whom he is matched. In workshops, our volunteers can be trainers in a wide range (mathematics, mind games, stem, art, dance, etc.). Considering the workshop that the volunteer wants to do, an interactive content is created by integrating the workshop into the online environment. The Psychological Support Program meets our volunteers who are experts in their fields through collaborations with various institutions and organizations and provides psychological support to our students when needed.


For ideas, suggestions and trainings you want to improve, apart from our mentioned programs, contact us through